What is a DJ?

DJ (Disc Jockey) noun, often not capitalized  (also abbreviated D.J. or deejay) 

"A person who plays recorded music for an audience in a venue such as a bar or nightclub, or a radio audience if the mix is broadcast.  A DJ uses techniques including cueing, equalization, beat-matching, phrasing, slip-cueing, cutting, beat juggling, needle drops, phase shifting, and back spinning for the audio mixing of two or more sound sources.  A DJ will use musical performance techniques such as turntable scratching to create rhythmic and percussive sounds as well as sampling to create backing instrumentals for new tracks. This allows DJs to be categorized as performing musicians.  The mark of a good DJ is the ability to mix music from two or more sources at the same time, but it appears to be a single song to the listener."


DJ Ryan

DJ and event specialist

Experience: 17+ years in clubs and music venues, 2+ years specializing in weddings

​Interesting thing about me:  I used to promote for comedy clubs in NYC. I once had a ten minute conversation with Anthony Rap on the subway.​

Hobbies:  Tea parties with my daughter, going to music festivals, Theatre and Star Wars.​

Favorite genre of music to spin: Dance music, from Prince and David Bowie all the way to Daft Punk and Justice. Old stuff, new stuff. If it has a 4 on the floor beat, even better.  ​
Songs I like for when the older folks have left the dance floor: Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd, Get Lucky by Daft Punk and Pharrell, Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé 
What's playing on my iPhone this week: Mostly the New Gaga album (Joanne) but also A Tribe Called Quest, Kid Cudi, Aminé and D.R.A.M.

Hardware you prefer to spin on: Pionner XDJ - RX It's a newer more compact unit that still has the guts of the DJM -900. Great for improvising when the mood strikes. It's the best unit I've owned in terms of fidelity.




DJ Craig aka "C-Love"-

DJ and Event Specialist

Experience: 7+ years as a DJ, 4+ years focused on weddings​
Hobbies: Listening music with my three beautiful girls who keep me up to date on all of the new music!  Coaching defense for Asheville High's football program, getting beat at golf by my wife and everyone else I play with.  Finding new ways to get to the beautiful waterfalls in Western North Carolina. 
Interesting things about me: I played football at Western Carolina University. I am the school resource officer at Asheville High School.  I spent a year and a half as an undercover police officer.
Favorite genre of music to spin: Funk and soul... got to love hearing the Commodores doing their thing. 
Songs I like for when the older folks have left the dancefloor: This is how we do it - Montell Jordan, Yeah! - Usher feat Lil Jon, The way you make me feel - Michael Jackson, Forever - Chris Brown
What's playing on my iPhone this week: Sam Smith, Lecrae, anything new that drops a serious beat.

Hardware I prefer to spin on: I spin using Serato and a Pioneer controller.  This gives me access to all the tools such as hot cues and instant loops at my fingertips.  It makes it so quick to splice tracks and samples together on the fly.

DJ Kipper

DJ and event specialist

Experience: 18+ years in clubs and music venues, 3+ years specializing in weddings

​Interesting thing about me: I love to travel. I once received life advice from Gene Simmons. People call me the unofficial mayor of Asheville.
Hobbies:  Trivia. I write, produce, and host Asheville's best trivia night. I also love to cook and incorporating unique ingredients into the meals I prepare is a weekly adventure! 

Favorite genre of music to spin: Oh, that's like picking a favorite child. I really love party jams from the 90's. I will always have a soft spot for that Miami Booty Bass sound. Is it wrong that I can't get enough of the 69 Boyz' Tootsie Roll?
Songs I like for when the older folks have left the dance floor: That really depends on the bride and groom, but I typically reserve tracks featuring 2 Chainz and Lil' Jon for that time. 
What's playing on my iPhone this week: This week it's pump up music from 80's sound tracks. The Rocky IV soundtrack is EPIC.    

Hardware you prefer to spin on: I spin on turntables using Serato DVS (Digital Vinyl System).  This gives me that tactile feel of using records but then the creative flexibility of being able to tap into an endless digital archive of music.

You can find information about each of our skilled DJs below, and also some live demos of their mixing styles.  You will find that the demos below encompass a wide range of genres and styles of music.  These demos are meant to show the extent of our DJ's skills, and the range of music that our DJs can spin.  At your event, there will be a very age diverse group of guests, and during your event we will try to incorporate a wide range of music from various decades and genres so as to appease everyone.  For your event, your assigned mobile DJ will work with you to customize and tailor the music for your event so it is a reflection of your tastes and preferences.  Your DJ will work with you to determine the performance style you prefer for your event as well as the types of music.  Keep in mind these demos are live recordings as opposed to studio tracks.

DJ Mitch Fortune

Owner and DJ

Experience: 20+ years in clubs and music venues, 8 years specializing in weddings, 

Hobbies: Home brewing, CrossFit, hiking, music production, cooking, anything involving a lake or river.

Interesting thing about me:  I have an identical twin brother, and I am the proud father of twin boys!

Favorite genre of music to spin: Hands down, 90's and early 2000's Hip Hop!

Songs I like for when the older folks have left the dance floor:  Let Me Clear My Throat-DJ Kool, Ride It (My Pony)-Genuwine, anything by Usher, Country Grammer- Nelly, All My Life- K-Ci & JoJo (If I want to slow it down for a minute)

What's playing on my iPhone this week: 24K by Bruno Mars, some Gorillaz and also a little Mary J Blige.  For some reason I'm blasting 2001 in my car this week.

Hardware I prefer to spin on: I spin on Pioneer CDJ's, the industry standard for the modern DJ.  Paired with the DJM-900 mixer, the sky is the limit for creativity.  Sampling, looping, scratching, remixing, it can all be done on the fly with amazing sound quality.  

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