My name is Mitch Fortune, owner of Remix Mobile DJs. I began working as a DJ almost 20 years ago.  I started my career by playing DJ for my own 15th birthday party.  I did it with a record player, a CD player, and a $50.00 mixer I purchased from my  local Radio Shack.  That night was all it took for me to fall in love with the craft.  From there I was hooked, and it was not long before my friends were asking me to play at their parties, and after that, it just kept growing.   Skip ahead a few years, I had put together a professional DJ rig, had learned to beat match, and had started a career I was in love with.  A few years later, I was in school at UNC-Chapel Hill, in the Triangle area of North Carolina, paying my way through school DJing and producing parties for bars and night clubs in the Raleigh-Durham area, as well as performing at weddings, and fraternity parties. In 2001 I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in dramatic arts, with an emphasis on Lighting and Sound design.  I moved to Raleigh, NC after college, and continued to produce and DJ parties for high profile clients such as IBM, Winston Tobacco, GE, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Red Bull, and Glaxo-Smith Kline. 

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Currently, I live in Asheville, NC with my husband Jake, our twin sons Aiden and Andrew, our dog Pepper and our cat Dos.  I work full time as a wedding DJ in the Asheville, North Carolina area, and my focus is creating fantastic and stylish events for my clients. As best I can figure I have played over 3,000 shows and counting, including 300+ weddings. I have hundreds of satisfied wedding clients available for reference.  I have a degree in Theater, specifically production and design, and I treat every wedding like a production.  Your reception is the show, your bridal party the cast, your wedding vendors the crew, and you are the star.  To make the show go off without a hitch, I work with my clients and their vendors to plan every detail down to the minute, so there are no surprises, and so that once the planning is done, my clients can relax and enjoy the production as it goes on around them.   As far as what I play...I play what makes people dance.  Over the years I have learned to read a crowd, and can walk into any room and make people get up and dance, enjoy themselves, and have fun.  Isn't that what you want from a DJ?  Give me a call, and let's discuss your event.  I look forward to working with you. 

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A little more about owner Mitch Fortune

In 2004 I moved home, to Asheville, North Carolina, to be closer to my family and the place I grew up.  Upon settling in I took on a 4 year DJ residency at The Red Room, one of Asheville’s most popular 80’s, 90’s, and top 40 dance clubs at the time.  It was my favorite venue I ever had the honor of playing at.  Over the years, I have also appeared at most of Asheville’s most popular Club’s such as Scandals, Club 11, and Hairspray to name a few, and have appeared at clubs all over the southeast.  If you have been out for a night of dancing in Asheville, I was probably spinning the music.  

--DJ Mitch Fortune

  Owner of Remix Weddings